Chemtrails — Real Threat

Chemtrails — real threat!!

Barium, aluminum, silver oxide and more are being used by powerful groups who attempt to play god in our world. These chemicals have strong links to altzheimers, ADHD, carcinogens, and far more.

These people are not manipulating weather for the good of the world. They should be brought before international courts to answer for global manipulation of all living things either for profit or as a silent weapon of mass destruction. All life on earth is being effected from mass animal deaths to noticeable alterations in human mental and physical capacities.

It is becoming more widely known and discussed thanks to internet but still not reaching and alarming the general masses as a whole. Think of all the loss of life and property as a direct interference by these so called humanitarian geoscience touting individuals and groups. Or, the manipulation of population for secret purposes using these methods.

Who gave them the right to play god?? How do we stop them?This is Not conspiracy. It is fact. Do your research. Get angry —

For those who Can across the globe, get busy ferreting out and exposing these people (it is highly dangerous) then put them on a global Most Wanted List of dangerous felons and have them answer to the world for their crimes.


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